This is my first post on Github pages. For a while I’ve been sharing some thoughts and files with the world via my account.

It’s a bit limited, so testing out Jekyll, a website compiler and blogging platform written in Ruby.

Instead of starting from scratch, I cloned Scott Chacon’s pages website.

In Scott’s words, this is how it works: “I keep the source for my blog in a specially named GitHub repository and every time I push to it, GitHub pixies automagically generate my static blog pages for me.”

Because github can be used like dropbox to synch files directly with your computer, this essentially means that you have your entire personal website on your computer. This means no more logging-in and out of wordpress to change anything, rapid updates from the Linux command line (e.g. via ‘git commit’) and light-weight text-based editing of my posts.

Final words: while I’ve built this site on the work of Scott, he built his on the work of others. “I copied the theme and javascript from from Michael Bleigh, and you’re welcome to copy it from me, in turn (do remember to credit Michael, though).” Maybe one day someone will fork the project from me.

Github rules!