Amidst the clamour of onrunning news stories and various ‘crises’ affecting different parts of the economy and society, it’s hard to step back and take stock of the kind of people who are in power. “What kind of government is this?” is a difficult question to answer: “Not sure what you call this strange mutant of a Government, words fail” I was recently told. Well, in response to this failure I am happy to say that I have found a neat summary of the current government in the form of a cartoon and a comment on it. Both can be found here.


From the party that brings you abject lies dressed as obvious and self-evident truths - “We’re all in this together”, “the NHS is safe in our hands”, and “labour-caused deficit (no mention of global banking collapse and Thatcher-loving idiot-Brown/Darling’s foolish attempt to re-capitalise and re-finance every single failed bank with “our money” that hadn’t been earned and paid as tax yet) - comes the most obvious proof of living in Cloud-Cuckoo Land that any government can provide: Denying the laws of physics and meteorology for ideological reasons.

You need no flood defences; global warning is a lefty-lie - “Look - a Rumanian benefit-tourist squirrel - Vote Conservative!

The only ‘reality’ they admit is that which sits comfortably with their bigotries, their economic ineptitude and their intellectually-limited world view.

Can you imagine the relief at Conservative HQ when they realised that Dean Burnett, the UKIP councillor who proposes that storms and flooding are caused by the UK allowing same-gender marriages, had actually left the Tory party and joined UKIP? Phew, nearly lost a few million votes there…..

This is the same government, remember, that plunged the fragile post-banking-crisis economy into three years of economic flatlining (do ed balls’s hand gesture now), reduced the size of the economy by over 3%, forced the nation’s (“hard”) working people into 46 months (so far) of decreasing buying-power, reduced the size of the state by £20billion, privatised over a third of the NHS, introduced the bedroom tax and caused the need for that fine charity (founded by a heroic Labour Party member and supported by many righteous Churchmen) to establish over 500 Food Banks (Thank you Trussell Trust).

"No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin." - Aneurin Bevan on the inauguration of his great legacy, the NHS - 7 July, 1948.